The Important of Quality Time

Healthy Relationships Week (HRW) is my favorite week! While DVA is an important and necessary topic to cover, it can be really challenging to talk about it. I like HRW because it puts a positive spin on DVA, focusing on how we can prevent domestic violence through building healthy relationships.

It’s important to build healthy relationships in our lives, not only with our significant other but also with our family and friends. I believe that humans need to connect and build relationships with others to truly lead a happy life. Humans need connection and companions, and the only way to thrive in the world is to build and maintain those relationships.

I recently rewatched one of my favorite interviews on Youtube where a talk show host interviews businessman Simon Sinek. Although it disses millennials a bit, it touches on some important points that really apply to building connections. He talks about building relationships and connecting with people in the workplace, but I believe that those components can be taken beyond the workplace. The most important point he makes is that phones really inhibit our ability to form true relationships.

Ever since I watched that video, I am a lot more conscious of when I use my phone, and I noticed I use it a lot more than I should. Now I make an effort to put my phone away when I spend quality time with people. And I don’t mean to keep it on the table faced down when I’m out to dinner – it’s in my purse and out of sight. Through this small change, I have seen a great difference in how I connect with people and build relationships.

I’m not saying it’s easy to put my phone away in a world where we’re so connected. I see it as an opportunity to spend time with a person that I love. They should be my focus while I hang out with them, not the person I’m texting on my phone or the people I really don’t care about on Facebook.

My suggestion to you, as we celebrate HRW, is to spend less time on your phone and focus on spending time with the people around you. Those people that you spend quality time with will help you develop and grow much more than getting on Facebook or Instagram along with texting people. Be present with those people around you; you will develop better connections and continue to build healthy relationships.

Here’s the link to the interview:

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