What No One Will Tell You About Recruitment

I stood in line of the last night of recruitment in utter tears. Yeah, I said it. Tears. And I’m not just talking about a few drops of water sprinkled on my cheeks. We’re talking the whole waterfall, “someone get her mom” kind of tears. And no, I wasn’t sad or mad or even frustrated. I didn’t know why I was crying in the moment but soon I would realize that I had for once in my life, found my home. Recruitment is one of the most fun, crazy, exhausting, stressful, and wonderful experiences you can ever go through. You are challenged in a whole new way. You are put in a situation where you want to put your best self forward without being fake. You want to be yourself but you suddenly forget how to do that. Every time they open a door and you hear 50+ sorority girls singing about why you want to be in their sorority, it sends hardcore stress to every region of your body. Ever worn heels? Try wearing heels while ABSOLUTELY frightened about an interview with a girl who’s only a year or so older than you. WAY harder than you’d think. Although this seems taunting, recruitment for a sorority is crazy awesome and there are so many reasons it’s at the top of everyone’s list of “favorite college experiences”. Now everyone is going to tell you one piece of advice. You hear it way too often and it should be banned from all advice columns. Everyone says… “Just be yourself”. Do they realize how hard that is? To just do that? Yes, you need to follow that advice but when you are somewhere you don’t belong, our automatic instinct is not to be ourselves. I had a very difficult time with this but I’m going to tell you why, after three nights of struggling, I chose to be an Alpha Chi Omega. With every other sorority, I found myself talking about my charity work or my dedication to the arts or my loving family, which by all means is wonderful and very important. But, from the second I walked into Alpha Chi’s doors I found myself laughing non-stop, making plans, and talking to these girls like old friends. They didn’t care if I was popular or super pretty or president of every club in high school. They cared about finding where MY home truly was. These girls weren’t just sorority sisters, forced to be together by some Greek Life tradition. They were seriously soul sisters, best friends, and a family. Although I got caught up in the recruitment process, I knew from the very beginning Alpha Chi was my home because I didn’t just show them who I was, they helped me truly find myself. So, there I am, sobbing in front of a computer, while our recruitment director stood over me with the most concerned facial expression. I knew exactly what I wanted but I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that I found a group of women who matched exactly the person I am and the person I want to be. They were everything I wanted in a family and more and putting it on that screen made it all real. I wasn’t emotional because I couldn’t make a decision, I was emotional because for the first time in my life I knew exactly what I wanted. So, that night I ranked Alpha Chi as my number one and the next morning I ran into the arms of my new family. I will forever be grateful to my sisters for this journey.

-Sydney Turbeville, Freshman BFA Acting

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