Fix Her Crown

Do you ever feel like a queen whose crown feels a bit too heavy? You want to keep it together because you know you are strong enough but it seems like you can’t make it through. It’s hard to let go of our stress. We are in a society so stuck on being in control of everything we do. Yet, life throws us a curveball and all we can do is take on that stress alone or ask for help. Many people choose to work through their issues alone because they don’t want to seem “needy” to others. So, they take on all this stress that can affect the way they live and function. Thinking we can do it all is one of the major downfalls of the human race when collaboration is the key to a happier lifestyle. We think it takes strength to go through life alone but it’s actually a weakness.

Personally, I am one of those people who wants to figure it out on my own. I know I can’t carry all the weight in the world, but I would do anything not to be a hassle in someone else’s life. That kind of mindset is one of the most difficult things to get through. You know you need help but you don’t even know how to ask for it without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. However, I am currently going through one of the most stressful weeks since school has started. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through my situation but I knew I had to. I had to do it not only for myself but for those relying on me. The only thing that powered me through this week were the sisters I have gained since joining this wonderful sorority.

Luckily in Alpha Chi Omega, we have an abundance of sisters willing to do anything to support you. No matter what kind of situation you are in, there will always be a whole house of women standing behind you. Every tear that is shed will be diminished by increased smiles and open arms. These women weren’t forced to be your family, you chose each other. Always remember that. When you mention anything that’s going on in your life, immediately you get plenty of offers to help you through it. That’s not something you see every day.

Real. Strong. Women. That’s what Alpha Chi stands for and real women always support one another. We support each other in good times and the bad. I never truly saw this factor of womanhood until I met my new sisters and thought “Wow. Those are the women I aspire to be.” I look up to each one of my sisters and I am so happy to say I get to learn from them. Everyone knows what it’s like to be alone, but no one wants to see their family go through that. Always reach out. You never know how much it’ll change your life.

One of my favorite quotes about womanhood is by an Unknown Source:

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown, without telling the world that it was crooked.”

I feel that this quote resonates so strongly with our sisterhood. People get embarrassed to express their need for support but these women will never make you feel dumb, or awkward, or alone. They will always be here for you.

Today, I want you to fix someone’s crown. Someone in your life is currently going through it. Reach out. Support them. Even when they say they don’t need help, find a way to show them that you are there when they open up for support. You aren’t hurting yourself by helping someone else. Often, helping others can teach you how to handle your own situations better, meaning you are not only strengthening them but also yourself. Sisterhood is all about growing together. Every woman is a queen but that crown can get heavy. Let someone else take the weight off for a little bit. You won’t regret how this sisterhood supports you through every part of your life. Your crown may slip a little but there will always be someone to pick it up before it falls.

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