Reclaim This Holiday, Reclaim Yourself

Halloween. It’s finally here! A day where you can be anyone you want to be and maybe enjoy some sugar while you’re at it. However, for years, Halloween has been problematic not only in the face of feministic ideals but in womanhood itself. Halloween has become a holiday of objectification and enhancing the ideals of the “perfect woman” instead of the fun and carefree holiday we all grew up with. It’s time to reclaim this holiday for our sisters, ourselves, and womankind.

For years, the idea that women need to show off their bodies on this holiday to be accepted has been an ongoing trend. Yet, within this societal expectation, there is a culture of shame against women who dress to a certain degree. The world can’t decide how they feel about women showing off certain assets and it has taken a toll on the way women feel about themselves. Many women experience lower levels of confidence and comfortability due to not knowing what society truly expects of them. This is due to a deep want for approval that most people experience throughout their lifetime. Of course, it’s acceptable to dress any way you choose, but not if you are dressing for someone else’s expectations. You should be dressing for you. If you feel confident and happy in your costume, you are making the right decision. You shouldn’t care about the judgmental section of our society that tends to demean women. But, if you’re choosing your costume based on society’s expectation of you, you may want to rethink your choices. Do you remember how you felt as a child on Halloween? The excitement for the candy and the long night ahead. Most importantly, you remember the costume. I could probably list every costume I wore since the age of 7. I specifically remember one year, I dressed up as a Winter Queen (Pre-Elsa Era). I had this beautiful, dark blue ball gown with white trimming. The second I put that dress on, I took on the persona as well. I was finally the queen I always wanted to be. I could take on the world easier than I ever thought possible. I didn’t care about what anyone thought of me because I was so happy in my own skin. Halloween should be about that kind of confidence. The costume you put on should give you the confidence you always dreamed of and give you the power to channel it into your everyday life. I know on Halloween it is easy to fall into the stereotypes of what you are expected to wear. But, this year, I encourage you to find a costume that channels the best version of yourself and challenges you as a human being. Find something that brings out your best characteristics, whether that’s courage or humor or quirkiness. Whatever you wear should represent you and who you want to be. Ladies, let’s make this holiday ours and end spooky season with a bang!

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